Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mystery Dinner

A great way to play a fun, non-competitive game during dinner is to have a mystery dinner. Fun Party Games for Adults is sure your guest will love this!  It will be fun for you to plan and great for conversation around the table as well.  There are many variations to doing a mystery dinner as well.

Materials needed: Table settings for all of your guests and food you plan to prepare
# of people: 2-100

How to Play Version 1:  Decide what you want to serve for an appetizer, salad, drink, main course, side and desert. In this version everyone will get the same thing but in a different order.

Example of the kitchen menu:
Appetizer: cheese platter-dairy delights
Salad: Cesar Salad- dictators apparel
Drink: Lemonade- pucker down
Main Dish: Lasagna- stacked Italy
Side: Corn on the Cob-eerie bites
Desert: Banana Split- jealous monkey

The menu that your guests will see will only be a list of the code names (be sure to mix up the order so they don't know what is what).  Each guest will right their name on their menu an then put a number (1-6) next to each item on the menu.  Each guest will then get the items they ordered in the order they asked for.  So if someone put a 1 next to their side and a 6 next to their salad they would get their corn first and their salad last.

How to play version 2:  Have a list of options for each course and have each person select 1 item from each course category.

Example Entree's:
BBQ Ribs - Glossy bones
Fried Chicken - Your Goose is cooked
Bourbon Chicken - Drunken Ranger
Polish sausage - Foreign Pig
Country style Ribs - Hillbilly's Bones
Hamburgers - Cow Patties

Example Deserts:
Watermelon - Floods of Mars
Brownies - Devil's Delight
Angel Food Cake & Strawberries - Decadent Halo

Have Fun!
Fun Party games for Adults

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nylon Relay

This is a great game to get a lot of laughs out of those playing and possibly anyone watching as well.  It's a strange fast paced race between teams of 2.

Materials needed: 1 pair of nylons for every 2 people playing, toys and random objects
# of players: 4 or more

How to Play: Split players up into team of 2.  Give each player a pair of nylons and a number of random objects like toys, small pillows, wash cloths, empty water bottles etc.  Once someone says go 1 player on each team will rush to put the nylons on over their clothes, their partner will then help them stuff all of their assigned objects into the nylons.  The players on each team wearing the nylons must then race to the other end of the room.  The first player to finish wins.  After that round you can switch teams.

Have Fun!
Fun Party Games for Adults

Monday, September 12, 2011


A good card game that mixes a little strategy with a little good luck.

# of players: 2-4 (For more players add another deck of cards)
Materials needed: A deck of face cards

How to Play: The point of this game is to get rid of all of your cards first.  To start deal out 3 face down cards in a row to each player, no one is allowed to look at the 3 face down cards.  Then deal 3 cards face up to each player, place the 3 face up cards on top of the 3 face down cards.  Then deal each player a hand of 5 cards.  The players may look at the 5 cards in their hand.  After all the cards are dealt but before play starts players may switch out any of the 3 face up cards for cards in their hand.  Once play has started trading cards is not allowed.  The players will then start play. The first person to go will put any card from their hand they want face up in the center of the table and replace it with one from the center deck so that they have always have 5 cards.  The next person will then play a card in the center, but their card must be equal to or higher than the card the previous player played.  Each player after that must play a card equal to or higher than the one before.  If you have 2, 3 or 4 of the same number you may play multiples, just make sure you draw thee same amount of cards from the draw pile so you always have 5 in your hand. If at any time you don't have a card equal to or higher than the card on top of the discard pile you must pick up the entire discard pile.  Once the draw pile is gone you will no longer draw a card after you play.  After the draw pile is gone and you have player all the cards in your hand you will play the 3 face up cards in front of you.  After all 3 of the face up cards have been played you will blindly play the 3 face down cards in front of you.  If a face card down you try to play is lower than the card played before it you must pick up the draw pile and play those cards before continuing onto the rest of the face down cards.

Card Values:

Just like in normal card playing a 4 beats a 3 a queen beats a jack and so forth, but there are a couple of exceptions: 2's can be played at any time and takes the value back down to 0 so that the next player can play any card.  10's can be played at any time and clear the discard pile so those cards are out of the game.  If at any time you play the 4th of any one number that also clears the discard pile.  Any time you clear the discard pile you get to go again.  If you are playing with Jokers, they can be played anytime.  They hold the value of the card played right before it and they reverse the direction of play.

Have fun!
Fun Party Games for Adults

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Wind Blows

This is a great game to get to know some things about your fellow party guests.  It will get everyone mingling, laughing and revealing things about themselves they wouldn't normally reveal.

Materials needed: enough chairs for all but 1 player.
# of players: 6-20

How to Play: Set up a circle of chairs, the circle should have enough chairs for each person (accept the person who is it) to have a seat.  The players sit in the circle.  Whoever is "it" stands in the middle.  "It" will call out "The wind blows on anyone who..."  The sentence can end with anything that "it" wants. Examples:

The wind blows on anyone who isn't wearing socks
The wind blows on anyone who dyes their hair
The wind blows on anyone who is still afraid of the dark

If the statement is "The wind blows on anyone wearing blue", then all the players in the circle wearing blue have to get up and find a new seat.  Whoever is it also tries to get one of the seats.  Whoever is the last one to find a seat is now "it".

Have fun!
Fun Party Games for Adults

Friday, September 2, 2011

All Aboard

Today Fun Party Games for Adults presents a great team building game.  This one is great for teens!  This is a great game to get people thinking and working together.  It helps develop communication and strategy skill as well as gets the participants to learn to trust, support and rely on each other.

Materials needed: A large tarp or rope
# of people: 10 or more

How to Play: The goal of the game is to get every participant in the same small space.  Lay out a tarp or create a circle with a rope and tell the participants that they must all fit in side of that rope or all be on top of the tarp.  Have the first round be relatively easy to achieve. Then either fold a portion of the tarp or minimize the area that the rope encircles and tell them they must now get all participants inside the new area.  Keep minimizing the area and see how small of an area they can get each participant in.  They are allowed (but not necessarily told) to stand, sit, lay or kneel on top of each other in any position they find fitting.

Variation: If you are playing with a tarp, you can make it harder by first having everyone fit within the area of the tarp.  Then have them turn the tarp over without anyone touching the ground.

Have Fun!
Fun Party Games for Adults

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hook Up (Partner Tag)

This game is a tag game that is played outside.  It's great to play on a summer night because it's cooler.  There is a lot of running so running in the heat of the afternoon could get a bit exhausting.

What you need: a large grassy area to play in
# of people: 6 or more

How to Play: Before starting designate someone who is "it" and someone who is the "extra player".  Then have everyone pair up.  The pairs will hook arms with each other and then stand in a circle.  Once everyone is "hooked" then play will start.  The person who is "it" will start chasing the "extra person".  The "extra person" will try to hook onto one of the pairs before "it" catches them.  If "it" catches the "extra person then the "extra person" becomes "it" and they will turn around and start chasing the person who was "it" but is now the "extra person".  If the "extra person" hooks onto one of the couples before tagged then the person on the opposite side of the hook up is now the "extra person" and starts running from "it".  For example: Cindy is hooked to Joe, if the "extra person" hooks onto Joe then Cindy now becomes the "extra person".

If you happen to have an odd number of people you can play and just have either 2 people be the "extra person" or have 2 people be "it".

Have Fun!
Fun Party Games for Adults

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oatmeal Relay

Fun Party Games for Adults is excited for you to try this game.  If you like getting dirty and sticky this is the game for you.  It's a great one for summer because you get all grouse and nasty outside and then you can follow it up with a water fight to get rinsed off!

Materials: swim suits or old clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, 2 large pots of oatmeal, raisins
# of people: 8 or more

How to Play: Make 2 large pots of oatmeal and let it cool.  Take the top half of each pot of oatmeal out of the pot and put temporarily into a bowl.  Mix equal amounts of raisins into the bottom half of both oatmeal pots.  Then put the oatmeal that you took out of the pots back in the pots to cover up the portion of oatmeal that has the raisins.

Take the pots of oatmeal outside and put them at the end of your relay course.  Split the players into 2 teams. For the relay the players on the team will run to the pots of oatmeal one at a time and dig through the oatmeal to retrieve 1 raisin.  Once the player has a raisin they will run it back to the team and drop it in a bucket. They will then tag the next team mate.  The team to win is the first team to retrieve all the raisins in their pot.

Have Fun!
Fun Party Games for Adults